Insurance Claims

Much of what we do at Northwest Trial involves insurance policies and insurance coverage issues. Navigating insurance skillfully is crucial to securing fair and just compensation for our clients.

Whether in the area of serious personal injury, wrongful death, medical negligence or construction defect, we believe it is important that the trial lawyer you choose knows more about insurance law than the insurance companies.  That is why we stay on top of insurance law developments.

We believe it’s important that your trial lawyer knows more about insurance than the insurance company.

There are numerous responsibilities that insurance companies have to their policyholders that arise under the statutes, regulations and case law.  Courts generally recognize that insurers, since they write the insurance policies and collect billions in premiums, have a lot of power, and can exert that power unfairly.  Courts therefore have imposed various duties on insurers to treat their insureds fairly.  “Insurance bad faith” occurs when insurers treat their insureds unfairly.  It is important for trial lawyers to know the “in’s and out’s” of insurance bad faith.  You can find some examples of insurance bad faith here.

Northwest Trial maintains an insurance law blog at this site for your reference,  and provides some tips that may be helpful to the lawyer who does not regularly practice in the insurance coverage, area here.

Insurance Law Resources