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The Right Path to Truth, Justice and Accountability.

Northwest Trial lawyers Scott Breneman and Joe Grube have been successfully advocating for victims’ rights and securing settlements and trial verdicts for decades. They have secured over $5 million in recoveries for their clients in just the past few years.

We are highly experienced trial lawyers, and proud of it. We love what we do. There are a lot of lawyers who don’t try cases.

We try cases.

Although over 95% of cases settle before trial, if you want the best result, your lawyer better (a) have tried cases, and (b) be the best prepared to try your case.

At Northwest Trial, we litigate and try cases for the individuals and families we represent the way “white shoe law firms” litigate for their corporate clients: thoroughly, and with attention to detail. Our individual clients should get the same level of legal service that big corporations get.

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