Attorney Referrals

We will treat your referral as if your reputation depends on it.

Attorney referrals have given us some of the most interesting cases. At Northwest Trial, we are grateful for those referrals. Attorneys from firms large and small refer personal injury, wrongful death, medical negligence and insurance coverage cases to us on a regular basis. Some of the cases involve the referring attorney’s client. Other cases involve friends, family or business associates of the referring clients. Regardless, referring attorneys know that we will treat their referrals as if the referring attorneys’ reputations depend on it.

We have co-counseled with a number of referring attorneys on personal injury, wrongful death, medical negligence and insurance coverage cases. A co-counseling arrangement, consistent with our ethical rules, provides the referring attorney the opportunity to continue to be involved in the case. See the 3rd “ethic” on the right. It is important that the co-counseling arrangement be beneficial for everyone involved. With the client’s written consent, our referral fee arrangements are generous. Working together with referring attorneys, we have achieved excellent results.

Many attorneys referring us personal injury, wrongful death, medical negligence or insurance coverage cases have little experience with those cases, but enjoy the experience of working with Northwest Trial and their client to achieve a just result. How much the referring attorney is involved in the case varies. Consistent with the client’s desires and RPC 1.5, we are open to any arrangement that is the most beneficial.

We have developed long-lasting relationships with referring attorneys over the years. We believe this is because of the results we have achieved for their clients, and the positive experience referring attorneys have had with us.


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